1. Who is entitled to register .si domain name?

A .si domain name can be registered by any legal or natural person. Local presence is not required.

2. What is the registration period for .si domain names?

Domain names can be registered or renewed for one, two, three, four or five years.

3.  Would it be possible to "return" domain name and get money back?

If Domain name holders meet the conditions to be deemed consumers under the law regulating consumer protection, pursuant to such law they shall have the right to cancel contracts concluded at a distance within a period of 14 days by notifying the Registrar without any requirement to state the reason. Registrars shall be obliged to return all payments made no later than within 30 days of receipt of the message on withdrawal from the contract. In such instances, Arnes shall be obliged to return to the Registrar any fees paid under the following conditions:

  • that Arnes received within 16 days of registration of the Domain name an application to delete the Domain name and the Domain name holder's confirmation of deletion; and
  • that in the interim the Domain name has not been activated, where the input of DNS records into the Domain name registration system constitutes activation of the Domain name.

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