Domain name disputes (ADR)

In conjunction with legal experts, Arnes has prepared a Procedure for Alternative (Domain Name) Dispute Resolution (ADR). All domain name holders, registrars and Arnes as the registry are bound by it. This procedure is also a quick and inexpensive way of resolving domain name disputes but it does not exclude the possibility of using other legal remedies.

Three conditions must be met to initiate an ADR procedure:

  1. that the Domain name of the Holder is identical to or interchangeable with their trade mark valid on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, or company name, as taken from the court register in the Republic of Slovenia, or that it violates their copyright under the law of the Republic of Slovenia, or a registered geographic designation to which they are entitled under the law of the Republic of Slovenia, or encroaches on their rights to their personal name under the law of the Republic of Slovenia, or encroaches upon other rights recognised in the legal system of the Republic of Slovenia;

  2. that the Domain name holder has no legally recognised interest with regard to the registered Domain name; and

  3. that the Domain name was registered or is used in bad faith.

In the event of a dispute independent arbiters are appointed to issue a ruling that is binding on Arnes.

Duration: Once an ADR is initiated, both the complainant and the domain holder must follow the proper procedure, use the appropriate forms and comply with the terms.The procedure lasts approximately 70 days.

Contact: Official e-mail for ADR procedure is ards(at)


One domain 2-5 domains 6-10 domains
EUR 667.67 EUR 1,123.69 EUR 2,003 Decision by an individual arbiter
EUR 667.67 EUR 1,123.69 EUR 2,003 Supplement for decisions by a senate


List of arbiters

  • Prof. Dr. Krešimir Puharič (president)
  • Dr. Maja Bogataj Jančič
  • Eva Gostiša
  • Dr. Branko Korže
  • Boštjan Makarovič, MSc
  • Dr. Martina Repas
  • Dr. Borut Stražišar

ADR forms:

  • Appeal: pdf, doc
  • Response to appeal: pdf, doc
  • Additional application by appellant: pdf, doc
  • Arbiter declaration of independence and impartiality: pdf, doc

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